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Who should schedule a tour?

Anybody who has an interest in the fire service or is interested in bringing a group by can schedule a station tour. We are happy to educate individuals, families, sports teams, or any other interested parties. 

How big can my group be?

The fire station is a very busy and sometimes chaotic place, while we attempt to accommodate groups of all sizes, for safety reasons we ask that you limits your numbers to no more than you can easily supervise. If you have a larger group please lets us know and we will do our best to work with you. 

What will we learn?

We offer many different educational programs depending on the ages and interests of those in your group. Some of those topics can include interacting with fire apparatus, learning about fire prevention measures, establish trust with your first responders, and witness the daily operations within a firehouse. 

Who leads the tour?

The tours are led by our knowledgeable crews who have years of fire service experience. Our staff is cross-trained in both fire and EMS to ensure a well rounded educational experience. 

Have a special request?

Let us know if you have a special request or would like us to come to you. Our staff will do their best to work with you to accomplish the educational objectives of your group. 

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