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The Volunteer Fire Company of Halfway is teaming up again with Cluckin' Around BBQ out of Smithsburg, MD to hold Chicken BBQ's here in Halfway at the Old Orchard Shopping Center on Virginia Avenue. 

On June of 2021, Halfway reached out to Norm Potter of Cluck'n Around BBQ about his Chicken BBQ fundraisers.  After sitting down and meeting with Norm, we locked into a partnership and held our first Chicken BBQ with Cluck'n Around BBQ on July 25th, 2021.  It was our first Chicken BBQ held in nearly 4 years.  The BBQ was a complete success and sold out before 1:00 pm.

Who is ready for our next one?

MAY 1, 2022

Halfway will be out in the Old Orchard Shopping Center with the Cluck'n Crew for another Chicken BBQ.  We will also have Pork BBQ Sandwiches available as well!


BBQ Pulled Pork Meal

The Meal includes:

One Pulled Pork Sandwich

One side of Baked Beans

One side of smoked Mac & Cheese


1/2 BBQ Chicken

The Meal includes:

One 1/2 Chicken

One side of Baked Beans

One side of smoked Mac & Cheese


Sandwich Only


Chicken Only


All food prepared by:

Come See Us May 1st at

Old Orchard Shopping Center

in the parking lot of American Freight

17627 Virginia Ave

All food ready for sale / pick-up at 11:00am

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