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VFC of Halfway Remembers 9/11

September 13, 2022

Twenty-One years ago, the world of Fire and EMS changed across the country. A great loss was suffered on 9/11 when first responders converged on the World Trade Center in New York City doing what they do everyday not knowing what was happening that day. Our country was under attack, but those responding that day didn’t know it. While firefighters worked to save thousands in New York, a second event was unfolding at the Pentagon followed by the downed airplane in Shanksville Pennsylvania.

First Responders across the country stepped up and were ready! Today we continue to be ready for what ever may happen. In that readiness we continue to remember the bravery and courage shown on that day twenty-one years ago. The great loss suffered on that day opened the eye of the communities across the world of what our first responders do!

This past week, there were multiple 9/11 Remembrance Activities here in Washington County. Retired Chief Kingsley Poole pointed out how close our area came to being part of 9/11 if Flight 93 had stayed in the air for a matter of a few more minutes. Our crews respond daily never knowing what the next call may bring!

Personnel from Halfway attended three of this year’s area memorials. These events have become tradition for some because we are all determined to never forget what happen. We will continue to be here for the community, and we will continue to remember those lost not only on 9/11, but those who served with us and beside us up until they couldn’t no more.

It is our honor to assist at the three events we attended at Mission BBQ at Valley Mall, the Remembrance Parade held by Boonsboro Fire Department, and the Remembrance In The Park at Hagerstown City Park. The Volunteer Fire Company of Halfway will Never Forget!

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