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Steady Day For Mid-County Madhouse!

April 20, 2024

On Saturday April 20th, Halfway was steady with calls from Fire to EMS Incidents. We started out lending a hand to Boonsboro. On April 13th, they lost Police Chief Kevin Morgan. A flag was draped from the aerials of Boonsboro Truck 6 and Tower 26 to form the arch in respect of their loss during the funeral services held that morning.

Along with our normal EMS Call Load for that day, we upped our game when our Ambulance 26-9 staffed with a volunteer / career crew responded to Hancock Maryland to fill in at Company 59 while their Medic Unit was committed on a Large Outside Fire. While covering for Hancock EMS, our BLS Crew on Ambulance 26-9 responded for a vehicle roll-over on Interstate 70 along with crews from Clear Spring Fire Company 4 and EMS Company 49 units as well as Longmeadow Rescue Engine 27-2 who was covering for Hancock Fire at the time. They transported one patient to Meritus.

As Ambulance 26-9 was assisting out in Western Washington County, Halfway continued to keep busy as we responded on two back-to-back Box Alarms. The first was for a report of Smoke coming from a house on National Pike. We responded on Box 13-7 with 5 personnel on Medic 26-8, Engine 26-2, and Tower 26. Units arrived to find it to be an honest mistake and units were able to clear the call. Crews barely made it back in station when we were alerted for the Tower and Engine on Box 3415 for Smoke coming from the building at Walnut Towers West in the City of Hagerstown. Crews arrived and no smoke was found, and units were released.

Saturday proved to be a steady day for the Mid-County Madhouse!

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