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Halfway Visits Local Schools For Fire Prevention Week

October 2022

This week has been a busy week for Halfway! Along with running calls supplying the community with our services, we have also been working with our local schools here in Halfway to promote Fire Safety. October 9th – 15th is known nationally as Fire Prevention Week. This year we were happy to be back in the schools visiting with the kids! This week we were able to visit Hickory Elementary, Lincolnshire Elementary, and Grow Learning Center.

Our volunteers went out to visit and were able to introduce the kids to what a firefighter wears on a fire. We feel it’s good to introduce this to the younger children so they see a firefighter in his gear and air pack aren’t scary. We had our firefighter crawl around breathing air so the kids knew what he sounded like. Then they all got to walk through the back of the Fire Engine which they were all very excited to do.

Big thanks to Hickory, Lincolnshire, and Grow Learning for allowing us to come out this week. Being able to visit with 238 kids was great, and we look forward to coming back next year! Next week we look forward to visiting Open Arms Pre-K class to continue our Fire Prevention visits. If you have a group or an organization you would like us to come out and visit, please reach out! We love coming out for the kids and the adults not just during Fire Prevention Week!

Contact our Assistant Chief for more information if interested.
Photos Courtesy of: Andy Madsen Co.26 Photographer & A.C. William King

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