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Halfway Responds For A Trash Truck Fire

July 24, 2023

On the morning of July 24th, Halfway was alerted at 04:59hrs for a Trash Truck Fire on Stotler Road. ECC had multiple calls reporting a working fire. Engine 261 requested an additional Engine and Tanker for water supply and manpower to assist. Engine 261 arrived confirming the truck was well-off. Deputy Chief 26 arrived and established Command as E261 pulled an attackline and began their Fire Attack. Engine 261 was able to get a knock on the fire within 5 minutes of their arrival. WIlliamsport Engine 21 arrive and prepare to reverse lay while Tanker 13 hooked in to supply E261.

With the vehicle in motion and did not appear to be any type malfunction, a Fire Marshal was requested to the scene. After conversing with FM20, crews remained onscene and monitored the fire keeping it under control until the arrival of the FM. Once arrived, FM20 obtained his photos and info and advised us to extinguish the fire. Captain 2 used the top access and flowed water knocking the remenants that were still burning. At 06:30 hrs we had the fire out with smoking debris. WM Staff had a back-hoe enroute to remove what was left and to begin clean-up.

At 06:37 Deputy Chief 26 terminated command and crews began wrapping-up. Scene was turned over to WM staff and Co26 units cleared. A wheel-chock was left behind placed by Captain 2 to keep the vehicle from drifting. Wheel-chock was later returned by Wrenches & Wreckers.

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