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Halfway Remembers September 11th 20 Years Later

Sept 11, 2021

This September marked the 20th Anniversary of the terrorist attack on this country that rocked this country and the world of Emergency Services as a whole. In Washington County multiple groups and organizations across the area held memorial events to remember those lost in New York, Washington D.C., and Shanks Town Pennsylvania. We honor those lost by ensuring that we Never Forget!

The Volunteer Fire Company of Halfway was honored to assist in displaying the American Flag at several events during the week of September 11th to memorialize the 20th Anniversary and to remember all First Responders lost because of the events of that day. On September 7th our volunteers attended the Remembrance Ceremony held at the Hagerstown Regional Airport where Tower 26 formed a Ladder Arch with Hagerstown Fire Department’s Truck 4 in front of the Airport Fire Department. During the ceremony, Washington County not only remembered those lost because of the events of that day, but also took the time to recognize Washington County Line of Duty Deaths of First Responders and Military Personnel lost over the years by reading their names and ringing a bell after each name read. Several organizations were in attendance with us including Washington County Division of Emergency Services, Washington County Department of Emergency Management, Washington County Volunteer Fire & Rescue Association, Hagerstown Regional Airport Fire Department, Hagerstown Fire Department, Longmeadow Fire Company, Maugansville Goodwill Fire Company, Funkstown Fire Company, Leitersburg Fire Company, Washington County Emergency Support Services, Hagerstown Police Department, Washington County Sheriff’s Office and several people from the general public.

On September 11th, The Volunteer Fire Company of Halfway attended two separate events at Mission BBQ and in Boonsboro, MD. In the morning of the 11th, Tower 26 set up to display the American Flag along side the Woodsboro Ladder Truck that responded to the Pentagon on that fateful day 20 years ago. The owner of the Woodsboro Truck, Retired Hagerstown Fire Chief Kyd Dietrich, came out that day with his own piece of history and extended its ladder with an American Flag flying off the tip. We were also joined by Longmeadow Fire Company, Washington County Sheriff’s Office, and Hagerstown City Police to be here for the special ceremony Mission BBQ had planned for that day. At 12 noon, firefighter Maddie Blosser from Longmeadow Fire Company sang the National Anthem to a large crown that came out to take time to remember those lost on that day. Mission BBQ not only honored those lost on that day, but also praised our local First Responders thanking them for what they do every day.

On the evening of September 11th, Tower 26 attended the annual 9/11 Remembrance Parade in Downtown Boonsboro. The Tower was set up with the American Flag draped over the road of the Parade Route. Following the parade, Boonsboro invited all participants back to their Fire House for a special presentation of colors and a wonderful meal to support the brother hood and comradery amongst all the First Responders. This is a tradition Boonsboro started and has been holding this Memorial Parade every year on September 11th. The number of people who line the streets of Boonsboro every year is an emotional sight to see and be part of.

The Volunteer Fire Company of Halfway is honored every time we are asked if we can come out and display the American Flag from the Tower. We take great pride and look forward to being there, wherever it might be, from parades to memorials. #NEVERFORGET

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