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Halfway Out Promoting Fire Prevention At Local Day Cares

October 20, 2021

This year for Fire Prevention, fire companies were limited on being able to be out in the community to help enforce the need for Fire Prevention. Halfway has been fortunate enough to still be there when requested. Between our crews going out to either conduct home safety checks to installing new smoke alarms for those in need, we do our best to be there for the community as a whole.

In the past two weeks, we were honored to go out and see some of the kids at two of our local day care centers in our first due. The Grow Vineyard Learning Center and the Open Arms Pre-School were visited by our crews to show off the fire trucks we use during emergencies. We were happy to come out for the kids so they could see the equipment we use. We look forward to getting back to doing Fire Prevention at the schools once allowed and we are requested to come out for the kids!

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