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Halfway Holds Successful Chicken BBQ With Cluck'in Around BBQ

July 25, 2021

On July 25th, if you saw the smoke and saw the fire trucks on Virginia Avenue don't be alarmed. Halfway Volunteers were out at the Old Orchard Shopping Center working to spark an old tradition! With the help of Cluck’in Around BBQ, we held our first Chicken Bar-B-Q in nearly four years. We wanted to reach out and thank all the supporters who stopped by and got some great food as well as those who stopped just to say hi and made donations as well!

Our first Chicken Bar-B-Q in a long time was a great success! We prepared for 175 meals and sold out by 1:30pm that afternoon. It was a hot day, but we were there with a great group! We look forward to scheduling another one with Cluck’in Around in the near future! We loved working with Norman and his Cluck'in Crew!

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