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Halfway Donates Gear To Project Joint Guardian

April 5. 2022

On Tuesday April 5th, Operator Willie Vazquez along with the help of several volunteers here at Station 26 went through our gear surplus to find items that could be donated to Project Joint Guardian to be sent to the first Responders in the Ukraine. Halfway was able to donate 21 pants and 17 jackets of extrication / flash protection Personal Protective Equipment.

This equipment was turned over to Firefighter Adam Carrier who is one of our part time Fire Apparatus Operators here at Halfway and works Full Time for the Division of Emergency Services. Adam has been organizing these donations here in Washington County between Boonsboro Fire, Boonsboro EMS and ourselves here at Halfway.

Adam delivered the first shipment of over 60 sets of turnout gear, 30 helmets, and 30 pairs of boots as well as a thermal imager, rope rescue harnesses, and Nomex hoods to FF Oleg Skachko of the Clifton, NJ Fire Department for shipment to Ukrainian first responders. Halfway is proud to be part of such a noble cause and commend Firefighter Carrier for his hard work on this project!

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