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Halfway Celebrates 75 Years Of Service

March 16, 2024

On the night of March 16th, Members of Halfway gathered at their Bingo Hall on Lexington Avenue for a night of relaxation and Celebration as we celebrated our 75th Anniversary. On that day 75years ago, The Volunteer Fire Company of Halfway MD was officially incorporated beginning a legacy here in Halfway.

Everyone in attendance got a chance to hear about the “old days” from Retired Firefighter Robert Kefauver as he reminisced about his early years in the fire service. He expressed how through the years the needs had changed in the fire service. Back in the early years, the Department only received calls if something was on fire, limiting the annual call load to less than 100 calls a year. This past year, Halfway responded on 3,995 calls between both Fire and EMS calls for service; next year will mark 30 years since the insertion of Ambulances into the Company’s list of services.

Halfway took time out to thank the dedicated personnel that run the Fire & EMS calls every day, as well as the employees who work their Bingo Hall three times a week to help raise money for the Company. County Commissioners Jeff Cline and Derek Harvey were on hand to present us with a proclamation for our 75th Anniversary, and Hagerstown Fire Chief John DiBacco was also gracious enough to attend the event and also handled the installation of the 2024 Officers, both Administrative and Operational.

This year we have some “Young Blood” who are stepping up as officers - both in Operations and Administrative positions. As we look forward to the year ahead, we wish to extend our thanks and appreciation to the past Administrative Officers for their hard work and dedication in 2023. President Stephen Heefner, Vice President Kim Anderson, and Trustees Terry Molnar, Joseph Kroboth III, and James Kimble Sr. All of these men have years of service with Halfway and we appreciate their dedication to the department as well as their dedication to the positions they have served in over the years to help us get to where we are today!

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