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Halfway Assists HFD On CO Incident

March 25, 2023

On the morning of March 25th, Halfway EMS was on the scene at the Amazon Warehouse where they were called for an injured subject. While on the scene, Carbon Monoxide Alarms on the EMS Gear alerted crews to possible CO in the building where they were working. This called for a CO Investigation response.

Halfway Fire & EMS crews responded to assist Hagerstown Fire Department on the investigation. Meters showed high readings of Carbon Monoxide. Crews worked to evacuate the building and monitor the entire structure. It was found that fork lifts in the facility that use nickel cadmium batteries were off gassing hydrogen sulfide (H2S). Firefighters removed the forklifts and special large fans were called in to help ventilate the structure.

Multiple employees were checked by EMS but were not found to be suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning. It is believed the monitors may have been triggered by the H2S from the fork lifts. The facility was shut down and evacuated for several hours before HFD determined the scene to be safe and allowed employees back into the building. No illnesses or injuries were reported as a result of the incident.

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