There are numerous opportunities to make a meaningful impact in your community when you join the efforts of The Halfway Volunteer Fire Company. The number of emergency calls is on the rise so let’s match these numbers with an increased number of volunteers. Whether you are someone considering making firefighting your career, an empty-nester trying to figure out where you are needed next, a community youth seeking to learn more about fire/rescue safety, or a retiree with skills who would like to get more involved with your community, there is a volunteer role for you in our organization.


Volunteering is one of the best ways to get the necessary training and experience to be an attractive candidate for a career firefighting position. If you crave adventure there is nothing more thrilling or challenging than fighting a fire, riding fast in fire truck, or climbing an aerial ladder to reach a rescue point. Thrills aside, being a volunteer comes with a great amount of rewards and personal satisfaction.

Not everyone in our membership is an active firefighter. There are many needs throughout the department. Filling an administrative role or providing support as an auxiliary member may be just what you’re searching to do.

Our membership is open to individuals ages 16 and up and we have a Cadet Program for those ages 11-15 serving as a stepping stone to our organization. If you’re interested in becoming a member please complete the application below and read through the numerous benefits which come with being a member in good-standing at The Halfway Volunteer Fire Company. 

If you have any questions about joining don’t hesitate to reach out on our Contact page and someone will be in touch.

Your Membership Comes With Privileges 

All of our members—probationary members (ages 16-17), active firefighters, administrative, and auxiliary—enjoy these perks with their membership:

Lifelong Friendships & Belonging to the Department Family

Our members share a common bond as they serve the community, train together, work together responding to calls, and participate in department fundraising and community events. This all translates into strong friendships which often span many, many years. The rewards of belonging to a department family are felt whether you are on or off duty.

Duty Night Dinners

There’s something special about having dinner with your fire family around the dining table or preparing a meal together in our modern kitchen. Duty night dinners may become Spaghetti Night or Taco Night depending on the taste of participants. Whatever is being prepared it’s sure to be enjoyed. Come, share a meal with the other volunteers. And after dinner gather in the spacious day room where you can socialize while relaxing in the recliners or watch a bit of television before the next call comes in.

High-Quality Training

When you bring your commitment to learn, we will provide the training for free. From in-house training to local and county trainings you will be exposed to a wide array of emergency services education and exercises. You will learn new skills and have numerous practices to keep your skills honed and ready to use. Some trainings are transferable to college credits for those pursuing firefighting degree programs.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Uniforms

Our members are provided the latest technology turnout gear free of charge. The cost of each set of gear is covered through a partnership between Station 26 and the county. All active firefighters are provided fire resistant coats, pants, boots, gloves, and a helmet. For a minimal fee, our members may purchase a fire station navy logo tee shirt through our department’s in-house store.

Maryland State Tax Credit and Length of Service Award Program (LOSAP)

After three years of active service members may be eligible to receive a generous annual State of Maryland tax credit. The LOSAP Program rewards long-term volunteers, those serving 25+ years, with rewards based on your years of service. Our Membership Coordinator can explain the details of each of these benefits during your application process if you have any questions.

Live-In Program

Live-in positions for active firefighters are available with the Chief’s approval (and as bunk space becomes available) for those who meet the following criteria:

  • Individual must be age 18 or over and graduated from high school.

  • Individual must maintain steady employment or be an enrolled college student.

  • Individual is responsible to run all calls outside of their employment hours or college class schedule as well as participate in all station community events and fundraisers.

  • Individual is granted access to our in-house laundry facility and provided a minimally sized private closet space.

Exercise & Workout Room

To aid our members in achieving the physical standards required by the department, your membership includes access to both cardio and weight-training equipment in our in-house Exercise Room.

What If I Don't Want to Be A Firefighter?

Membership Types

The Volunteer Fire Company has two different classifications of Membership. One is Operational and the other is Administrative.  Both carry important jobs that need done to keep the fire company moving.


Our Operational Members are the ones attending the training and responding on calls.  They are the ones on the front-lines handling the emergency calls as they come in.  Obtaining their certification and taking the extra classes to keep up on all the current techniques.


Our administrative members are the ones who are working behind the scenes.  They are the ones working the fundraisers, helping with bingo, tracking out LOSAP, handling vehicle maintenance issues, and the list goes on!  The administrative members are able to assist with all the different behind the scenes duties so operational members can concentrate or running the calls and keeping their training up-to-date.