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Halfway Received Visit From A Patient To Thank Them For Their Service!

May 7, 2021

The personnel at Halfway take pride in their work, and rarely see the outcome of their efforts. Today, our crews were lucky enough to see something positive from the work they do. The young lady in the center of this photo is Kimberly who is 17 years old. On April 21st, Halfway responded with a Medic Unit and Engine Crew along with help from Community Rescue Service when Kimberly went into Cardiac Arrest. The efforts of everyone on that call gave Kimberly a 2nd chance at life.

Today she stopped in and got to meet some of the people who helped her that day. EMT Grace Herman and Paramedic Chris Connor on the left, FAO Brian Jefferson, Firefighter Isaiah Neal, and Firefighter Patrick Bryan on the right. Other personnel not present today were EMT Jeff Hardman and Community Rescue Service Captain Dennis Browne. Job well done by all! A big thanks to Kimberly and her Family for stopping by!

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