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Halfway Partners With Cluck'n Around For Another Successful BBQ

October 3, 2021

On October 3rd, Halfway was out with Cluck’n Around BBQ for another great Chicken BBQ Fundraiser at Old Orchard. We were blessed by the presence of Norm Potter and the Cluck’n Crew! Chicken came off and was ready early at 10am. We went through 200 Half Chickens and 50 Pork BBQ Sandwiches in 4 hours!

We were out there with Norm from 8am until we sold out right around 2pm that afternoon. Our volunteers were out there slingin chicken, scoopin Sides, and selling t-shirts & hats to help support our Fire Company! We want to thank all those that shared our posts to help get the word out as well as those who came out for some great food to help support the Volunteer Fire Company of Halfway! Whether you bought a meal, bought a t-shirt, of just stopped by to say than you! Every little bit is appreciated. We look forward to working with Norm even more in 2022!

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